Prior to becoming acquainted with Maureen, the word “psychic” evoked a certain skepticism for me….but the readings I have had performed by her have forever changed that.  There are many, many things that amaze me about Maureen, but the one that perhaps stands out the most is how rapidly she is capable of “downloading” whatever situation is dominating my life at a given time, and in vivid detail.   Beyond this, Maureen is truly invested in the work she performs.  As a result, her readings have many dimensions beyond that of being merely an account of what is happening and what is to come.  In addition to sharing that knowledge with her astonishing accuracy and patient manner, she provides considerable  insight into how to use it in a constructive way to help oneself, and harness all the good that she sees can potentially come out of it.  The perspective she has provided on the difficult situations in my life have been truly therapeutic.  Sometimes, as in my case, the only thing that will make a difficult situation dissipate is time.  However, the emotional support that I received from her in the form of affirmation about the path I was on, was actually what made the difficult moments I had to endure tolerable.    The best part of my readings with Maureen is that it always feels like a long conversation with a good friend.  My sessions with her always leave me on a much higher vibrational frequency, with all her encouragement and hilarious sense of humor.    My confidence in Maureen is unshakable, and my gratitude to her endless!

Long Beach, California

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 I have been getting readings from Maureen for a couple of years now. I was first introduced to her on her radio show and received a free reading that was incredibly accurate. With each subsequent reading, I continue to be astonished at not only her accuracy, but her compassion and empathy. As a therapist, I recognize when others are tapped into authentic healing energy. Every reading with Maureen feels like a visit with a master therapist that keeps on giving. After each reading, when I listen to the recording, it brings me peace all over again. I highly recommend scheduling a reading with Maureen if you are looking for guidance in any area of your life.


I had a great reading with Maureen! She was very easy to talk to and provides insight in an honest yet gentle and caring approach. Not only did she tap right into my situation, she could differentiate public perceptions versus my own opinions. She knew personality traits, career status, and was even able to describe physical characteristics right down to eye color. I never felt as though she was rushing through the reading, and I appreciated her willingness to answer any questions and that she always made sure I understood what she was saying and that it was true to my situation. Maureen made me feel very hopeful for the future and I will definitely be calling her again!

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Maureen I just wanted to take a few minutes to express my gratitude to you.I have listened to the reading with you and have decided that any time I feel down in the dumps I am going to meditate first…..but then I am going to listen to parts of the reading. I was cracking up the whole time….listening to our conversation puts me in the best mood- I feel joyful and content. I really appreciate your humor and most of all I want you to know that I appreciate that you share your talent/gift with me and the world. I don’t know that I have ever felt so understood before. So many things will begin to make more sense for me now (like my extreme sensitivity) and I truly feel that when I am feeling those extreme feelings that I will ask for help. I won’t ask for help from any co-workers because they don’t suffer with the sensitivity issues that I do, but I do have a support system in place with my friends in recovery. These friends are loving, supportive, non-judgmental and I am so fortunate that all I have to do is call or text and will instantly get a response from at least one of them. So over the next several weeks I plan to have that support system in place. Most of all, I want to remind myself that I am special, I am worthy and I am loved. I feel extremely sad at times that I lost those feelings for myself along the way (partially due to shitty relationships and partially due to the influence of the difficult co-worker- which I fully admit I allowed-it didn’t “just happen” to me) but I know that my climb back to worthiness is an experience that may benefit someone else down the road. At the very least, it is an experience and a memory of what it feels like at the bottom of self-love and something I don’t wish to repeat again.

Already, I feel better. I have had feelings of gratitude for so many things in my life all along- despite the bouts of self-doubt and loathing, and I can truly say that there are so many good things and good people in my life that I know without a shadow of a doubt I will be just fine no matter what the future brings.
Much love and gratitude,

Lisa from Memphis:)

Hi Maureen, thought you’d like to know. I had a reading on Psychic Viewpoint a month or so ago and spoke with you. I asked about my landlords/court situations – 2, unfortunately. You told me they would work out, and they both did, each in pretty unusual ways that I wouldn’t have imagined. In one, someone came to my defense, which was very unexpected, and the second, the opposing lawyer seemed to favor me over his own client. I’m still hoping #1 is held responsible for repairs, etc., but that’s up to the universe. Thank you for helping – it made me feel a lot better. My daughter and I have since found a lovely little house (!) and it seems that the bad times are behind us. Thanks again, Maureen.

Best, Ellen

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Dear Maureen…..I have been replaying the “general” reading you gave me when you returned to TarotVisions. It reached between the symptom of miscommunication between me and my sons and the lack of communication between my father and me while he was alive. ……The tower card you showed was a symbol of my recent abrupt separation from my family and my struggle to get in touch with my sons…… I am hopeful that this insight about my father that was clear but not considered until now, will be a guide to correcting our current relationships……I also think it is a clue to my mysterious sadness and emotions that have been tormenting me for many years….I cant see a baby or listen to music these days …I even got upset unlocking my apartment door…….Thank you so very much for this breakthrough in thinking …it means so much …thanks…thanks…thanks…I love you……………

Joe Cioppi

Maureen I want you to know that you gave my daughter a beautiful gift of affirmation when she called into Psychic Access Radio last fall. She was applying to graduate schools, and wanted to know if she’d get in and if she’d be able to afford school and find an affordable apartment. You told her she reminded you of her daughter and that everything she needed would come through even though an apartment would not be available immediately. (She was accepted to all three of her top choices, she chose the least expensive (UC at Denver) so her grandmother agreed to help, and her fathers cousin gave her a place to stay for two months while she looked for an apartment. You also told her that although there was a mother figure (I think you were talking about her paternal grandmother. Hm.) and a father figure who don’t respect what she wants (to study psychology in a very good school, in a very beautiful place, and to somehow stay active in musical theatre), that she will be able to fulfill her dream. You told her she was a lovely person (something like that). WHAT A SUMPTUOUS GIFT YOU GAVE MY DAUGHTER! —–Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you also said she recently had a load lifted from her back. YES! She had just returned from an energy healing session with a highly gifted psychic healer in Knoxville, Tennessee. My beautiful daughter felt so good after speaking to you that she gave herself permission to perform in a series of overlapping plays and musicals until she left for graduate school this summer. I’m so glad you were there for her!


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Maureen is truly a trusted advisor. Her accuracy in what she sees is 100 percent, she ‘s never been wrong for me. She amazes me every reading in what she picks up and what she sees. Thank you Maureen!