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Finding one’s way can be torturous. From the beginning, your family could not seem to figure out how you managed to be so different compared to the rest.

It is true that you match your family genetically, but going by your disposition you belong to another group of people.
It is a feeling of being lost and searching for, and finding one’s own kind; it is not about wanting, rather needing to.

Brothers, sisters and others in the community torment, gossip and chase you away. To be rejected breaks your heart; you wonder about what to do in order not to be rejected by your own. It is very sad, as you did not do anything to justify it, other than act different, look different.

Before you can speak, early exile rears its ugly head by no fault of your own. Negative images your family and culture reflect on you, such as being unacceptable, weak, strange, and….(fill in the blanks) will be the truth to you no matter how hard you try to reverse it.

It is a psychic surgery over and over, and over again, as your parents are trying to re-make you (a small child you are).
Knowing that your soul requires seeing, the culture surrounding you continues to wear blinders. All that you want is for your soul to speak the truth, and you were forced to be silent.

What defines success or perfection in anything – looks, height, strength, good behavior, religious belief?
The good news is that if you have attempted to fit whatever mold and failed to do so, you are very lucky! Yes, you have been banished, but you have protected your soul.

A profound phenomenon will happen when you keep trying to fit in and you fail. You are an outcast – pushed away, however, you only then join your true authentic and soulful nature.