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No Guides No Angels Just Me

I have been reading professionally for over 30 years. I am self-taught in every way. Until recently, I have never been questioned about working with guides or angels.
But lately, I have noticed that an increasing number of people are asking, “What are your guides telling you”? These days more and more people want to know where the information is coming from, while I am reading for them.
I must say, I find it quite disturbing how important it has become for some that I should tell them that “my guide says this” and “my angels say that” Now, I refuse to be dishonest, so I will say it exactly as it is: I am getting this from me.
I am not dismissing the fact that many psychic readers do indeed have their Guides or Angels whom they communicate with during readings. But I am also known for my personal spiritual motto, and that is that I do not believe in anything – “All I know is what I know”.
This does not imply that I am a skeptic or a non-believer of the life experiences and spiritual encounters other people have. I am open-minded and accepting of all paths and belief systems. However, until I have personal knowledge or direct experience of something, it will continue to come back to: “All I know is what I know”.  You may ask, “What about God” and I will say, “I know that there is a God, it is not about believing or not”. I know that God is in my heart.
My readings are conducted from a deep desire to share what I must share. I am an Empath and have a calling and duty to relay to others what I feel, see and hear. I experience clairvoyance like a slow-motion 1930’s movie, with projected images that I have a front-row seat to. I gain access to information through my clairsentient and clairaudient ability. No guides, no angels…just me.
So the question is then if I do not communicate with a guide or hear the angels in the traditional sense, does that justify me being labeled a poor reader or someone who is not really tapped into the unseen world? More importantly, does this imply that I am not a popular or recommended as other readers – just because I do not have a spiritual partner from a higher dimension who I can say is giving me the information?
Must our paths and personal spiritual experiences always be according to custom or convention? Should there be a rule or a norm? Or are these matters too often about what’s currently trendy and in vogue? Answering these questions is no easy task, and a right nobody can truly claim. Instead, I prefer to depend on one truth alone, namely my own. I do not believe in anything. All I know is what I know.
When I read for people, I could easily claim that my guides are saying this, or my angels are telling me that. I get my “stuff”, for lack of a better word, from my Heart, which then opens me to inner vision, hearing and feeling. I guess my Angels and Guides are happy with me doing what I do since it is all I know. And until they tell me or show me otherwise, I will allow God to work with me in his own mysterious way.